What’s on The Chalkboard

For our Sunday Supper today, mix-master Christiaan will be offering up a Bavarian Julep. There’ll be Buffalo Trace bourbon with cucumber and mint schnapps. But to make it a LUCQUES cocktail, Chris will be crushing ice to order and using schnapps he made himself.[/caption]

3 Responses to “What’s on The Chalkboard”
  1. paul thurston says:

    the divine ms. styne and the luxurious ms. goin are so beautiful as they never stop floin. such an honor to know you two!!!

  2. GEOFF says:

    We had Sunday Supper and we were blown away. I really liked Chris’s bourbon and bitters. I would LOVE to have the recipe for the bitters.

    Any chance I can get it?

    • lucques says:

      Actually a seriously long process. If you’re embarking on your own bitter journey then I happy to share that we make separate tinctures of a big list of botanicals and then blend. The major bittering agent in the particular one I think you’re asking about (we make a number of different kinds) is gentian root. Good place to start.
      Let us know how it goes.

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