Sunday Supper January 13, 2013

Aurelie and Javier

Aurelie with Cara Caras

Aurelie with Cara Caras

cara caras 2013

When it comes to following, or shall I say chasing (Chefs move fast. I think it’s in the job description) the Lucques chefs around the Wednesday morning Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, I am impressed by their enthusiasm, extensive knowledge of the produce in season  and their warm and friendly banter with longtime farmer friends. Their excitement and curiosity to discover new things is contagious. Chef Javier lights up over an exotic looking type of lettuce from Coleman Farm’s.  Chef Aurelie takes me on a taste-testing quest for the perfect cara caras. Only the most delicious ones will be worthy of a spot on the Lucques menu. And standing in the middle of this sea of beautiful, vibrant, organic local produce, one question remained. “How do you EVER decide?” I asked them.  “How do you know what to make for Sunday Supper?”  Well, if you want to know what cara cara oranges, stinging nettles, parsnips, turnips, tangerines and dandelion greens all have in common; they made the cut. They were the stars of the week’s Wednesday market that made their way on to the Sunday Supper menu. And I strongly suggest coming to Lucques on Sunday to see how said chefs can make something great even greater!

Windrose Farms Stinging Nettles

Windrose Farms Stinging Nettles

sunday, january 13, 2013

roasted parsnips and turnips with dandelion,

walnuts and prune-banyuls vinaigrette


braised lamb shank with white bean bruschetta,

tomato confit, feta salsa verde and tapenade


grilled market fish with nettle soubise,

cara cara oranges and mint pistou


honey panna cotta with candied tangerines,

pistachios and semolina butter cookies

$45 per person

call 323.655.6277 or reserve online now


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