Three More Big Bites

If you own Sunday Suppers at Lucques, you are already familiar with the best recipe for carrot purée ever. Suzanne’s recipe, which involves caramelizing the carrot coins in olive oil before puréeing  them into a smooth and silky consistency, is one of my all-time favorite things to make.   I’ve made it dozens of times in various contexts. So when I saw it pop up in her new AOC cookbook, this time with basil instead of cilantro, I couldn’t wait to make it again.

Although this recipe for Alaskan halibut with carrot purée, asparagus, and pistou is in the spring fish section of the book, it highlights something that Suzanne is famous for, dishes inspired by the best of what is in season, whatever that may be. And as Suzanne says in her book, “This is one of those recipes that really is a template, so feel free to substitute whatever vegetables…

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  1. Do you have an email-able media preview of the new cookbook? I would love to review it on

    Sincerely, Kimberly Nichols

    P.S. Check out my article in tomorrow’s Los Angeles Times!,0,5137111.story

    • lucques says:

      The book is being edited right now. Media requests should be directed to the publisher, Random House. The previews we’re presenting here are from extraordinary Lucques Hostess and blogger, Heather Platt. She’s been recounting some of her delicious experiences testing recipes for Suzanne. Hope you’ll keep following along.

  2. Thanks for the update. Very nice. Love your use of vegetables, in all different forms. Good luck Sincerely, C. Arthur Hall

  3. Denise Sangster says:

    Please create a ‘notify’ list when the cookbook is ready! You are missing the opportunity to ‘hook’ us….

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