Three More Big Bites

As the hostess at Lucques, I am often the one who gets to hear our guests praise and applaud their dining experiences at the end of the night.  As they walk out the door  looking happy and satisfied they will announce, “That was delicious!” with a look of shock on their faces that reads, “I didn’t know that food could taste that good.” I love to see how some guests’ demeanor changes from on their way in to on their way out. It’s amazing what a great meal and a delicious glass of wine can do!

A few years ago, this mustard-grilled chicken dish was on the menu. Let me remind you that the only dish on the Lucques menu that remains year round is Suzanne’s famous braised-beef short ribs. Everything else changes with the seasons and that’s part of what makes it so special for everyone making the food…

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